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Marimiina Pykalisto

Certified nutritionist from Terveysopisto Salus/Finland 2008; specialised in functional medicine and nutrigenomics since 2019; AFMCP from the Institute for Functional medicine IFM; Nutrigenomic/ Epigenetic trainings from several institutes, including the University of Stanford
Experience: 15 years of traditional nutrition and naturopathy
Phone: 5 years of functional and nutrigenomic approach

About me

Marimiina is a certified nutritionist specialised in functional medicine and epigenetics. Prior to working as a functional nutritionist and influencer in all things epigenetic, she worked as a journalist specialized in heath/medical.

She practises the so called functional nutrition, which means that in her approach she takes into account various aspects of life — notably nutrition, movement, environment, emotions, sleep and epigenetics — that all have an impact on health and wellbeing. Furthermore, she uses various biological tests and genetic panels in order to find root causes of symptoms and illnesses. This integrative approach enables her to gather a personalised tool kit and an action plan, that goes beyond nutrition and most common lifestyle modifications.

Marimiina starts to see clients at Riviera Osteo starting from September 2023.

To make an appointment with MARIMIINA PYKALISTO, please call this number:

Mob. : +33 (0)6 95 79 36 16
Calendly : www.calendly/marimiina


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